Our Vision Statement 

No loss of life or livelihoods due to flooding in Uganda

Our Mission Statement

  • To develop a functional livelihood impact-based flood forecasting system that delivers timely early warning and actionable information to deliver the right interventions to the right people at the right time.
  • To collectively build long lasting flood disaster resilience and adaptation strategies that improves peoples’ lives by integrating indigenous knowledge with science-based expertise.

Brief Background Information

The National – Scale Impact – Based Forecasting Flood Risk in Uganda project – known as NIMFRU – is a multi partnership project which is engaging with researchers, policy makers, local councils and local farmers to improve the targeting, relevance and communications of flood warning and response in Uganda. This will be done by synthesising evidence and expertise from multiple disciplines to provide the much needed comprehensive flood impact assessments which can inform Forecast – based Financing ensuring that flood vulnerable people have timely information to make informed decisions.

For more detail on this project visit the Project Overview page.



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